Zombies vs. Robots: The River of Memory

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Yoshi's pet rat Splinter witnesses his murder and escapes, winding up in the city's sewers where he and four baby turtles are accidentally exposed to a mutagenic ooze created by the Utroms, transforming them into sentient humanoid lifeforms. In the first season set 15 years later, the Turtles begin encountering the Foot Clan and unknowingly foiling several of the Shredder's operations.

One day, Saki invites Leonardo to his tower and offers him to join the Foot. The Shredder ultimately becomes the greatest enemy of the Turtles when they decline his offer. During their first engagement, the Shredder proves himself to be more skilled than the Turtles, compelling them to flee and hide.

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While Shredder and the Foot Ninja search for the Turtles, Master Splinter finds and regroups them, and plans a counterattack. In a subsequent battle on the rooftops, Splinter tricks the Shredder into cutting the support for a water tower, which is kicked onto him. The water sweeps Shredder off the building, and the tower collapses to the ground, crushing him.

However, a few scenes later, Shredder's hand is shown to emerge from the wreckage of the water tower. Splinter and the Turtles were unaware of the Shredder's survival until months later, on one day when Leonardo goes on a morning training exercise outdoors, only to be ambushed by the Foot Clan. After the Shredder reveals himself, his four Elite Guard overwhelm Leonardo, beating him close to death and sending him flying into a window of April O'Neil 's antique shop apartment, where the Turtles were staying after Foot Ninjas had invaded their sewer home while they were on another adventure.

Before losing consciousness, Leo warns that the Shredder is back. Soon afterwards, the Foot locate April's shop, and break in. Immensely outnumbered, they are soon overpowered by the Shredder and his Elite Foot Ninja and forced to retreat in a walk-in cooler. The Shredder then bars the door, drops a firebomb and punctures a gas pipe with his gauntlets. Fortunately, April remembers that the motor used to power the cooler was removed, leaving a hole in the exterior wall that leads outside.

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As a result, the Turtles and their allies are able to evacuate the building before it burns down. A year later, when Leonardo is completely healed from his injuries, the Turtles and Splinter return to face the Shredder once more. They storm the Foot headquarters, fighting their way through Shredder's minions and eventually reaching his throne. By the end of the battle, an epic standoff between Leonardo and the Shredder occurs.

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Armed with the Sword of Tengu, the former decapitates the latter after they strike each other in one final clash. But after the Turtles leave, the Shredder is seen to be getting up and walking away carrying his severed head. This implies that he is not a real human, though his Utrom form has not yet been shown.

In the second season, Ch'rell seeks to exact revenge on his species. When the Shredder is zapped into unconsciousness, a time bomb slips out of his hands, set to detonate in ten minutes, forcing the Turtles to help the Utroms escape using the Transmat, a teleportation device, which Donatello activates.

After the Utroms teleport back to their homeworld, the Shredder awakens and attacks the Turtles. In the ensuing battle, the Turtles use their weapons to penetrate his armor, which is then electrocuted by Donatello, disabling it. Afterwards, the Shredder reveals his Utrom form to the Turtles, intent on taking down his enemies with him.

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But at the last few seconds, Donatello manages to power up the Transmat, through which he, his brothers and Splinter escape before the TCRI building implodes with Ch'rell inside of it. Unknown to them, the Shredder had survived once more and was retrieved by his daughter Karai, now being placed in a stasis tube and healed by worms inside a secret medical facility of the Foot headquarters.

During his recuperation, Karai assumes leadership of the Foot Clan and makes peace with the Turtles after they help her end the turf war. But once the Shredder is fully recovered, he vows vengeance and breaks off the truce, leaving Karai to question her loyalty. By this point, Shredder's mad scientist Baxter Stockman had created the Foot Mechs, mainly in the form of armed ninja robots, but also versions of the U. President, English Prime Minister, and Splinter. Luckily, the Turtles, Splinter, and their unlikely ally, the delusional Triceraton Zog locate his barge hideout and discover his plans, leading to another confrontation with the Foot.

Aboard the freighter, Donatello programs a bomb set to go off in 30 minutes.

The Shredder is defeated again when Zog sacrifices his life by keeping him on his ship when it sinks due to the explosion, but is later rescued by Karai on a helicopter. In the third season, the Triceratons launch an invasion on Earth. In the aftermath of the invasion, New York City is in ruins. In his persona as Oroku Saki, the Shredder uses his fortune to repair the damage and gains favor of its citizens.

However, his real purpose of the reconstructionruns to secretly salvage the remnants of Triceraton technology in order to construct a large starship to return to the stars, and thereby retaliating against the Utrom.

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The craft is eventually completed, but Ch'rell's plan suffers several complications, courtesy of the Turtles and the Earth Protection Force led by Agent Bishop. Despite sustaining heavy damage, the ship is launched into orbit, albeit with the Turtles and Splinter on board. Entering a four-armed Shredder exo-suit, Ch'rell easily defeats them all, prompting the Turtles and Splinter to attempt to sacrifice themselves and blow the ship up in a final attempt to stop the Shredder.

Luckily, as the starship explodes, the Utrom arrive, having placed a stasis field around the entire ship, freezing time, and teleport all its inhabitants to safety. On the Utrom homeworld, Ch'rell is placed on trial and found guilty for the chaos and destruction he brought across the universe, and is ultimately sentenced to eternal exile on an ice asteroid. In the finale film Turtles Forever , Ch'rell is freed from his exile by his Shredder counterpart from the series.

Ch'rell then takes over the Technodrome and gains a new, more powerful exo-suit. The Utrom Shredder later uses the Technodrome to view alternate dimensions, realizing that there is an entire multiverse of Ninja Turtles. Locating the Turtles' source planet, Turtle Prime, Ch'rell vows to eliminate every Ninja Turtle in existence by destroying this dimension.

The Mirage Turtles, the Turtles, and the Turtles team-up to defeat Ch'rell, though Karai and Splinter agree that the Shredder will return again as he always does. By then, he has already killed Splinter and Casey Jones , and severed Michelangelo 's left arm and Raphael 's left eye. When Donatello leads a final rebellion against the Shredder's fortress, his Foot forces kill Michelangelo while Karai kills Leonardo and Raphael.

The Shredder is ultimately killed by Donatello with the Tuneller. In "Timing is Everything", Leonardo and Cody Jones are accidentally sent back in time to the aftermath of the Turtles' first battle with the Shredder. Later, the Shredder and several Foot ninjas are transported to but are easily outmatched by the Turtles' futuristic technology.

The Tengu Shredder or the Demon Shredder serves as the main antagonist of the fifth season.

The first Shredder was a Demon Tengu that rose from a hellish pit and terrorized ancient Japan. When on the verge of death, it entered and possessed a human named Oroku Saki, one of Japan's most skilled warriors, but he was eventually defeated by the power of the Ninja Tribunal. His body, helmet, and gauntlet were separated and sealed away to prevent his return. In the 21st century, the Tengu Shredder's five mystic heralds attempt to resurrect him, forcing the Ninja Tribunal to recruit the Turtles and four human warriors as their Acolytes to defeat.

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The Tengu Shredder is weakened when Karai drains his power via a mystic link which connects all who take the mantle of the Shredder , and he is finally destroyed when the Turtles combine their Dragon avatars to summon the spirit of Hamato Yoshi to deliver the final blow. The Cyber Shredder appears as the main antagonist of the seventh and final season, Back to the Sewer.

It is revealed that prior to Ch'rell's exile, he created a digital copy of himself in the event that anything happened to his corporeal form and stored this double in a Foot data vault deep within the Internet. This vault's consciousness is later released when the futuristic Viral attempts to access it, giving rise to the Cyber Shredder. While he is initially confined to cyberspace, the Cyber Shredder ultimately manages to escape and become a physical being. During the final episode, the Cyber Shredder leads the Foot Clan to attack April O'Neil and Casey Jones' wedding, and is finally defeated when the Turtles erased him with a de-compiler previously used against Viral.

Karai is the adopted daughter of Oroku Saki Ch'rell , who takes the mantle of the Shredder after her father's exile. She is voiced by Karen Neil. After some lesser battles, she doffs the mantle and begins a non-hostile relationship with the Turtles, particularly towards Leonardo. The Shredder appears as the main antagonist of the animated series , voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. His Japanese origins as Oroku Saki and brotherly relationship with Hamato Yoshi is mostly intact, with the Foot Clan and the Hamato Clan being later revealed as having a long-term rivalry before the Hamato family killed the Oroku family, wiped out their entire clan starting with the destruction of the Foot Clan monastery and took in the orphaned Saki as their own.

Despite being raised as brothers, both Saki and Yoshi eventually became rivals due to the love of Tang Shen, whose decision to marry Yoshi drove Saki to discover his true heritage and turn on his former brother, eventually destroying everything Yoshi held dear, including the lovely Tang Shen whom he had killed by accident and the entire Hamato Clan starting with the destruction of the Hamato Clan monastery, which resulted with Saki's head getting burned scarred and hairless.

Blaming Tang Shen's untimely death on Yoshi, Saki returned to his biological family and became the new leader of the newly restored Foot Clan, tutoring ninjutsu students such as world-famous martial artist Chris Bradford and Brazilian street thug Xever Montes, sharing criminal business with business partners such as Russian arms dealer Ivan Steranko , Italian food critic Don Visiozo and Hun , and owning a pet akita named Hachiko named after the akita of the same name who played a part in Bradford's mutation into Dogpound after Hachiko bit him.

Shredder first appeared in the end of "Rise of the Turtles, Part 2" where he traveled to New York when he learned that Hamato Yoshi is training his own ninjas after seeing a shuriken with his clan symbol on a shuriken left behind by the Turtles during a recent fight on a TV news report. Determined to finally end his age-old rival's life, he sent the Foot Clan after the Turtles until he made his first confrontation with the Turtles in person in "The Gauntlet," where victory was seemingly in his grasp before he was distracted by the mutating Bradford and Montes. Shredder is also Karai's father, as seen in "New Girl in Town".

However, in "Showdown," during Shredder's battle with Splinter, he reveals that in the aftermath of the fight that caused Tang Shen's death, he took Splinter's daughter, Miwa, and raised her as Karai.


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He has told her that he is her biological father and it was Splinter who killed her mother, as she has sworn revenge ever since. Shredder initially dismissed the Kraang's presence in New York, but after capturing one, decided to ally with them to destroy the Turtles. The partnership seems stable, though it would seem the Shredder still did not fully trust his new allies. Early in the second season, in "Follow the Leader," he left for Japan, leaving Karai as the interim leader of his Foot Clan.

He ordered her not to attack the Turtles nor make any dealings with the Kraang behind his back, and was livid when his adoptive daughter disobeyed him. He returned in "The Manhattan Project," with Tiger Claw, a Japanese circus performer who was mutated into Shredder's deadly assassin and new first lieutenant.

Tiger Claw was able to bring Splinter before him, but complication from a Kraang operation in the city and the Turtles' own efforts rob Shredder of his chance to kill his old foe once again.