The Miracle of Water

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The miracle of Israeli water policy

Water is alive and conscious. Pat McCabe, a Native American wisdom keeper, reminds us of our connection with water and its sacredness in this short but amazing story below. All rights reserved. Our whole world is full of mysteries. Water is a huge mystery.

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It is far beyond what we realize. The miracle of water allows for the miracle of life.

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The Wedding at Cana and the miracle of water into wine. Share with your friends and family Facebook Twitter Copy Link.

A series of PVC channels have also been installed for people to collect bottles of water, which are now being shipped around the world on the black market in Fiji Water bottles, which draw the least suspicion from customs officials. Visitors to the spring are buoyed by thousands of ardent online testimonies, videos of paraplegics standing up from their wheelchairs, and the unshakeable belief by many that God has blessed this unremarkable looking waterhole in a remote corner of Fiji.

Water to Wine: A Bigger Miracle Than You Imagined

Muscle aches and skin conditions are the most common illnesses people present with, though others with cancer, mental disorders, burns, strokes, blindness and paralysis have all attested to being cured by the spring. The facebook group Natadradave Testimonies has been set up to collate the stories of people who claim to have been cured. Locals say the water is only effective as it runs through a series of small streams , and it loses its healing ability when it joins with the tributaries that flow into the Rewa river, the widest in Fiji.

Because of the huge numbers descending on the deprived region, the Fijian government has made a significant financial investment to manage the crowds; building concrete pathways, toilet facilities, a cellphone tower and upgrading roads. Some people who come are not honest.

We have heard stories of scammers, people have bottled and tried to sell the water in Suva, Nadi and overseas.

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