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Yet neither the old Human Rights Commission nor the new Human Rights Council has breathed a word of condemnation against the Sudanese government. One of the problems in the Sudan, of course, is that it is Muslims killing Muslims, so the Islamic States, unable to blame the West for the carnage, remain silent.

First legal humanist marriages in Northern Ireland to occur this weekend

At the end of the eight-hour session of the Council on 27th September, the NGOs were given 20 minutes to air their views. I was down to speak 13th on the list, but time ran out. The question I wanted to ask was this.

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Why do the Islamic States not do more to support international efforts to bring security and aid to the millions of Muslims suffering in Darfur? Why are they opposing the idea of a stronger international force that could actually help bring an end to the suffering? The glue binding these dubious regimes together really does seem to be stronger than their concern for people. Stand up for humanism and human rights as an official part of our global movement.

Be a part of the humanist movement — as an individual or an organization. The democratic, defining statement of world humanism, from Humanists International. Our answers to your frequently asked questions about the humanist worldview. Are you a humanist? Learn more about the rational, ethical worldview that is humanism.

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Discover a world of humanism: find your nearest group or national organization. Meet the staff, representatives and Board of Humanists International. Young Humanists International is our youth section, for 18 to year-olds.

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The couple succeeded at the High Court, and were able to have their legal humanist marriage in June , but the decision was stayed for all other couples by the Court of Appeal, pending an appeal by the Northern Ireland Government. This resulted in a further court ruling this June which has opened the way for other couples to also have humanist marriages. Couples wishing to have a legal humanist marriage can now do so with a celebrant trained and accredited by Humanists UK.

Such couples simply need to state on their notice of marriage form that they will be using a humanist celebrant, and the celebrant needs to fill in a temporary authorisation form. Legal recognition has already had a transformative effect on Scottish and Irish society.

In the Republic of Ireland, humanist marriages gained legal recognition in In around eight percent of legal marriages were humanist, placing the Humanist Association of Ireland only behind the Catholic Church and civil marriages. In Jersey, a new law giving recognition to humanist marriages came into force on 1 July, with the first humanist celebrants expected to be approved by the state in the next few months.

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Guernsey is currently consulting on also extending recognition. In England and Wales, over 1, couples a year already have non-legal humanist wedding ceremonies, but such ceremonies cannot at present carry legal recognition, without the couple also going through the time and expensive of having a civil marriage as well. Humanists UK believes this is unfair, and since religious marriages do carry such recognition, discriminatory.

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But the recognition in Northern Ireland, in Jersey, and the ongoing proposals in Guernsey, surely means that the prospects of legal recognition in England and Wales, too, have now become much more likely. Increasing access to affordable and effective methods of birth control reduces the number of pregnancies and the need for abortions. Due to incomplete data, 9 percent of their findings estimated when, how, where, and even if abortions occurred, and the study only measured abortions in clinical settings.

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The study is missing data from a number of facilities and did not account for individuals crossing state lines to obtain abortions. Additionally, in our ever-changing landscape of abortion facilities and providers, information becomes outdated quickly.

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Nonetheless, this conversation comes at an important time as the Trump administration continues its crusade to restrict access to contraception and abortion. Also on Monday, an eleven-judge panel from the Ninth Circuit heard arguments addressing whether a Title X rule rolled out over the summer should be taken into account during court challenges brought by twenty-two states and Planned Parenthood.