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The property also consists of a separate two-story building which would make a great games or rec room. Opportunities like this do not come up often. This waterfront treasure offers a chance to enjoy life at the lake with room for all of your family or friends. Read More.

Heartbreaking photo shows Steve Irwin's 'ghost ship' Croc One rusting away

Read Less. View Slideshow 0 Photos Irwin Rd. We understand that finding a home is tough. How can we be more helpful to you? Irwin's own antic New Vaudevillism. Dazzled by Ms.

Eginton's beauty, he falls in love. To woo her, he imitates her steps, and soon the two are performing a pas de deux. Whenever he glances in the opposite direction, she falls - and he turns just in time to catch her in his arms.

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He lifts; she soars. Later the two of them and a video camera dance a hilarious pas de trois. With his limbs entangled with the camera's tripod, Mr. Irwin moves in an instant from would-be Baryshnikov to bungling Bolger.

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At other moments, the clown may remind one of Gene Kelly while still maintaining his own indisputable individuality. As Mr.

From 1960s Go Go Girl Photoshoots to Pom-Pom Pictorials

Kelly did on film, Mr. Irwin does on stage, shifting from Ms.

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Eginton's arch modernism to the street smarts of two breakers and poppers, Leon Chesney and John Christian. Ever the outsider eager to join the fun, he watches in amazement as the two breakers electrify their limbs. Then, with feigned confidence, he joins them, and, despite their skepticism, he quickly becomes an adjunct to their choreographic tics and twitches.

In ''The Regard of Flight,'' the show that brought him his first wide acclaim, Mr.

Irwin spoofed experimental theater. Mischievously he sends up his subject with the help of a person supporting cast and ensemble choreography by Kimi Okada.

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Irwin's fellow performers play dancers as well as academics in caps and gowns - a gaggle of graduates who, en masse, look like a pack of penguins. The academics are both chorus and silent commentators, and, occasionally, trip headfirst into pratfalls. For a theater audience, some of the specific dance references may be elusive, but there is no mistaking the generic tomfoolery.

The show is iconoclastic in the extreme, even to making fun of Mr.