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March 18, The Tejano History Handbook Project intends to capitalize on the quality and growth of existing entries by identifying researchers to write new essays. The new entries will adhere to the high standards of scholarship evident in the Texas Handbook Online and they will be subjected to rigorous review. Thanks to these entries, the general public as well as public school students and university researchers can come to understand the importance of Mexican Americans in Texas history.

He is the author of the book, Death at Midnight: Confessions of an Executioner. Jack P. Carter, Ph. His teaching duties include senior- and graduate-level courses in population dynamics and issues, and the sociology of aging. He has published more than 30 articles on topics including mortality, fertility, migration, and aging in professional journals such as Family Life, Research on Aging, Review of Comparative Public Policy, Journal of Applied Gerontology , and Aging , as well as refereed monographs and a book. Nancy K. Chaudoir, B.

Her interest areas include gender, deviance, and mental health counseling. She received her B. Kyle Cole, Ph. Formerly, he was Assistant Professor of Journalism and directed the graduate journalism program at Baylor University. He also has 7 years of editing and reporting experience at city dailies. Charles A. Corr, Ph. His most recent book coauthored with Clyde M.

Nabe and Donna M. Corr is Death and Dying, Life and Living 4th ed.

Handbook of Death and Dying

Corr Award for Lifetime Achievement [Literature] Donna M. Corr, R. Louis, Missouri. She continues to write, give presentations, and offer workshops locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Gerry R. Cox, Ph. He has been publishing materials since in sociology and teaching-oriented professional journals and has published more than 50 articles, chapters, and books.

Mary of the Plains College. Linda Sun Crowder, Ph. Her research focuses on symbolism, public display, performance, identity, and death rituals. She an M. Douglas J. Davies, Ph.

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He is on the editorial board of the journal Mortality. He holds a master of letters research degree in anthropology from Oxford University and a Ph. Jane Dillon, Ph.

She is project coordinator of several double-blind clinical trials on the effect of subliminal influence technology in vivo and in vitro. She has presented numerous papers at academic conferences for the past 18 years, including the Pacific Sociological Association, the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, the University for Peace in Costa Rica, and the historic Parliament of World's Religions. In addition to her comprehensive work on the reincarnationist worldview, the Western yoga movement, and the Self-Realization Fellowship, she has published articles on environmental legislation, constitutive theory, and new social movements in Syzygy: Journal of Alternative Religions and Culture and The California Coast.

She received M. Kenneth J. Doka, Ph. He has also published over 60 articles and book chapters and is editor of both Omega and Journeys: A Newsletter for the Bereaved. He has served as a consultant to medical, nursing, funeral service, and hospice organizations as well as businesses and educational and social service agencies. He is an ordained Lutheran minister. James Claude Upshaw Downs, M. He has served as a medical examiner since and was Alabama's State Forensics Director and Chief Medical Examiner from to He has lectured extensively in the field of forensic pathology and has presented at numerous national and international meetings in the fields of anatomic and forensic pathology.

His professional activities have included service on numerous professional boards and committees. He has testified in state and federal court, as well as before the U. Senate and House of Representatives. He received his doctor of medicine degree, his residency training in anatomic and clinical pathology, and held a fellowship in forensic pathology from the Medical University of South Carolina Charleston.

He is board certified in anatomic, clinical, and forensic pathology.

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Keith F. Durkin, Ph. He is a coauthor of How Chiropractors Think and Practice and author or coauthor of approximately two dozen research reports and monographs. He was a contributing author for the Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behavior and is a member of the editorial board for Sociological Inquiry. Kim A. Egger, B. For the past 12 years, she has been developing a database on serial killers that currently holds information on over 1, serial murderers.

She is currently working on an encyclopedia of serial murder with Steven Egger. She received a B. Steven A. Egger, Ph. He was formerly interim Dean at the University of Illinois and was Project Director of the Homicide Assessment and Lead Tracking System, the first statewide computerized system in the nation to track and identify serial killers.

He has worked as a police officer, homicide investigator, police consultant, and law enforcement academy director. He has written numerous articles, encyclopedia entries, and chapters and given many lectures and presented academic papers in the United States and in England, Spain, Canada, and the Netherlands.

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He has appeared on numerous national television networks and many local television and radio stations, in addition to giving numerous interviews in the print media around the world. He is currently coediting a book on police misconduct as well as continuing his research on serial murder. He holds an M. Charles F. Emmons, Ph. Most of his publications have been in Chinese studies and in the sociology of religion and the paranormal. He has also been a consultant for and appeared in popular television programs on apparition experiences.

His recent research examines the spiritualist and new age movements. He received an M. Graves E.

penntingtentban.tk Enck, Ph. He has published articles in professional journals and was a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behavior He serves on the editorial board of Sociological Inquiry. In his current research, he is conducting a long-term study of changes in rural health care and other community institutions as a result of the legalization of casino gambling in the Mississippi Delta. Public Health Service trainee in medical sociology.

Morten G. Ender, Ph. Military Academy at West Point, where he teaches introductory sociology, sociological theory, and courses on cinematic images of war and on the Armed Forces and society.

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An awardwinning teacher at both the University of Maryland and at West Point, he has also taught a course on the sociology of death and dying through correspondence study for the past 8 years to over undergraduate students. His research areas include military sociology, social psychology, and teaching sociology, with single and coauthored articles published in The American Sociologist, Teaching Sociology , the Journal of Political and Military Sociology , and Armed Forces and Society. He is currently investigating the representations of children of military personnel in American films—follow-up research to his book, Military Brats and Other Global Nomads: Growing Up in Organization Families.

He earned his M. Rhonda D. Evans, Ph. Her research interests are in the areas of crime, deviance, and gender. Her work has appeared in a number of journals, including Sociological Spectrum and Sex Roles. David P.

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Fauri, Ph. He has been at VCU for 20 years, having previously taught or served in administrative positions at the University of Tennessee, the University of Kentucky, and Southern Illinois University.