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And there we were. An audience of people, seated at two large tables instructed to relate a quick story of a hero in our own lives. We seemed to sit there blank faced. I was around eight years old. The club was on one side of a two-lane street and you needed to cross it to get to the parking lot on the other side.

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Cars moved fairly slowly. I remember hearing the car hit the boy and seeing him in the air for about 10 feet before falling onto the street. His story was about being a boy growing up in Nigeria and how, when he, too, was about eight, he met and became friends with a boy from Syria, following the first war in the s.

He will spend the month of September and October at the UN. He had the spent the day teaching children at Bethel Woods. Everyone was very excited. When his friend arrived, he and his sister were dressed in very good-looking ordinary clothes. Femi said that his mother instructed him and his sister to go upstairs and put on their regular clothes.

We all had a lovely time. I agree with Femi. His mother with her gracious and empathetic hospitality was a hero.

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Asking her own children to change into ordinary day clothes in order for the refugee boy and sister to feel more comfortable is a heroic act of humanity. However, there is something about equalizing the dress that is affirming to the dignity of the other. The affirmation of the best in people, the act of being a hero, was the subject of the performance. It sets a unique example in its telling of the story of Bass Reeves, the first African American deputy U.

He used cunning and wit to capture over 3, bandits. Fatally wounding just 14 of the thousands of suspects he brought in, Bass became an example of restraint and discernment in early American law enforcement. We wondered together whether you can be your own hero in your life.

When talking to Kenita Miller-Hicks after supper, she said that she, her husband and sister-in-law were exploring how to use their talents and musical interests to step up and explore the challenges that we face as a nation. Those are found mainly in the wooded areas in the west side of the island. For glitched items, visit the previously mentioned crater where the Rec Center used to be west of Neo Tilted.

Vending machines are randomly pressed across the island at the start of every match. If you see one, grab it immediately to complete this challenge. Focus on eliminating players at Dusty Depot.

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On the other hand, more players tend to hang around Dusty Depot providing more options for eliminations. The Block tends to not have many players, but because it changes, it's hard to know where the chests are. Luckily, this challenge will also include ammo boxes, too.

[ENG sub] Finding Heros:Geek Tour [6회] 버스킹 공연♬ PART1 @산타모니카 180522 EP.6

Both spots have a few chests each. There may be a few more players around thanks to the challenge, but in general, these spots are fairly empty. A straightforward challenge. If you find an explosive, toss it at an opponent and accumulate that damage. The Battle Star for this challenge is just northwest of Fatal Fields.

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Look for a cabin and noticeable patch of dirt in the grass. Where to search between a rotary phone, a fork-knife and a hilltop house full of Carbide and Omega posters. Like the earlier challenge, focus on fruits and mushrooms. There are more plentiful and scattered all over unlike the glitched foraged items that are located in one spot.

Of the two locations, the Block will have fewer people around, but it's hard to say how many materials are available. Dusty Depot will have enough although far more players will be there.

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These missions will unlock over the course of the next seven days. Each day will have a new mission to complete. Rewards for completing these tasks include experience points, Battle Stars and a loading screen that hints to a hidden Battle Star. A set of challenges for the event went live Tuesday.

Some of the quests consist of collecting chests and eliminating players in the newly transformed Pandora now found in Paradise Palms. Two of the missions, however, require a bit more work to complete. Claptrap -- the quick-talking, somewhat creepy, big ego, lovable robot from the Borderlands series -- is located under the Welcome to Pandora sign at the southwest part of Paradise Palms, just off the main road.

His eye can be found in a Borderlands-looking shack near the southern tip of Paradise Palms. You can find it in front of the TV inside the building.

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Grab it and then head back to Claptrap to complete the challenge. Across the new Pandora Rift Zone are five spray-painted Vault symbols, which are synonymous with the Borderlands franchise. Players can find them on walls, signs and container boxes. The map below shows the location of the five but only three are needed to complete the challenge. Rewards for completing challenges include new loading screens that offer a hint to a hidden Battle Star located somewhere on the island.

These stars won't appear unless you've completed all the challenges for the week. The hint in this screen is the scratching above the character's head, which shows D2, D3, E2, E3. This represents a particular spot on the map, which is to the southeast of the Block. Look for a patch of dirt on a hill, and if you've completed all of the challenges for week 1, the hidden Battle Star will appear. The week 2 loading screen's hint is in the top left of the image. The knife and fork represent the holes in the ground with similar shapes found between Fatal Fields and Salty Springs.

The hidden Battle Star is between the two holes and will appear once all of the week 2 challenges are done. Week 3's loading screen features the Leftovers, and the secret to finding this Battle Star is the bus in the background. On the truck is the mascot of the Softdeez ice cream shop. The shop is found across the street from the racetrack in Paradise Palms.

If you completed all the challenges, the star will appear. The clue in the week 4 loading screen is a little hard to see unless you increase the size of the image. The stone at the right corner of the image shows four coordinates: I2, I3, J2 and J3. This spot is to the northeast of Sunny Steps. Walking to that location will all of the week's challenges completed will trigger the appearance of the hidden Battle Star.

Week 1 Challenges. Week 2 Challenges. Week 3 Challenges.

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