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During that time, obviously, he became aware because the story was everywhere in the papers, and he became aware of this. He was fascinated by the story. I suppose time passed. We went off to high school and then to college, university, and so on. I went into the military. He was now more interested in the case than ever, not from a curiosity perspective, but from a scientific and professional perspective.

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He began doing a lot of UFO investigative work. He started to find the subject fascinating. Because he is a scientist, first and foremost, he really approached the stories with a different method. He used a little more of the scientific method to look into the stories and to investigate them.

We found that he was quite sincere in his approach. He actually came up with and brought to light documents and discussions and testimony that was never revealed during the original investigation. Chris actually supplied a lot of answers over the years. I can tell you that it fills a lot of very big plastic tubs. He has a ton of material. We, the family, have very little and we like it that way. In fact, he wrote the introduction and forward for a few of my books. But I felt that there was something missing.

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When I had made some inquiries with some publishers, they were a little reluctant because it was such a regional book about a case that occurred just in Manitoba. One of the things I realized was missing was the other voice. I had known Stan Michalak for many years. In fact, he and I grew up together on the same street in Winnipeg. We had actually hung out together when we were youths. We were familiar with each other and I was familiar with what had happened to his dad, at least from the stories that I had heard from my brief meetings with them when I was younger.

I realized that one of the things missing was, in fact, the voice of Mr. Over the years, I had actually contacted the Michalaks a number of times, spent many hours in their homes. They had him sitting in front of the camera telling his story and then interviewed me about my thoughts. I was fascinated with the case. Back then, I knew it was a really good case.

Because I knew the Michalaks personally, I found that I was more moved by the story than anyone who was looking at it from a cold examination. It was something I could bring my analytic, my scientific, methodology to study a case that was so amazing and remarkable. How does one deal with a case like this? Putting up the story as accurately as possible was one of my goals all along.

I want to know what the real facts are and we can work from there.

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This case offered all of that. When Stan and I got together to try and figure out how this book would look like, we quickly put it together and found that in just a matter of months we had something that we thought people would be fascinated with. It was 5. I took with me a hammer, a map, a compass, paper and pencil and a little food to see me through the day, wearing a light jacket against the morning chill.

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The day was bright, sunny — not a cloud in the sky. It seemed like just another ordinary day, but events which were to take place within the next six hours were to change my entire life more than anyone could ever imagine.

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I will never forget May 20, CR : Stefan Michalak was a bit of a rock hound and he kept returning to the area in the Whiteshell a number of times to find some interesting rocks. He had actually staked a claim or two and found some quartz veins on other occasions. On the May long weekend of , he had gone out to the Falcon Lake area to do a little more rock hounding to try and find something interesting.

He would go there. He knew that there [were] areas north of the Trans-Canada Highway that had vast areas of quartz. Where you find quartz and where you have granite, you can find gold, nickel. Off he went. The Victoria long weekend was a perfect excuse, and he did it.

He did it in when we came here, and he did it again in , obviously. He went there. He went into the bush. He followed his nose.

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He just simply followed the rocks. He would stop. He would look at some rock formations. He would chip a little here, chip a little there. He would say no, but he moved on, and he just kept going further and further until he came to a site that he liked, and he spent some time there. While chipping at the quartz I was startled by the most uncanny cackle of the geese that were still in the area. Something had obviously frightened them far more than my presence earlier in the morning when they gave out a mild protest.

Then I saw them. Two cigar-shaped objects with humps on them about halfway down from the sky. They appeared to be descending and glowing with an intense scarlet glare. It too was changing in colour, turning from red to grey-red to light grey and then to the colour of hot stainless steel, with a golden glow around it…. SM: While he was there, these two craft came out of nowhere.

He spotted them in the air. They hovered. One came a little lower, eventually landed on an outcrop that was close by where he was chipping rocks. The other left and took off the way it came. The one sat on the ground for about 40 to 45 minutes, something like that. Gave him time to look at it, to sketch it, to make some notes, to eventually get up the courage to approach it.

His first thought was that it was some kind of a test vehicle, either Canadian or American.

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He assumed that it had mechanical trouble, that it had landed there because it needed to. He approached it. He asked. He shouted to it to see if there was anybody inside that needed help. Investigated it, looked at it, touched it, very much curious about what it was. I approached the craft once again and touched its side. It was hot to touch. It appeared to be made of a steel-like substance. There were no signs of welding or joints to be seen anywhere. The outer surface was highly polished and looked like coloured glass with light reflecting off it.

It formed a spectrum with a silver background as the sunlight hit the sides. I noticed that I had burned my glove I was wearing at the time, when I touched the side of the craft.