A Touch of Cashémere: Book 3 of the Realm Series

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Elizabeth could smell the stink of his breath and the unusual spicy scent of his slicked-back hair. And she would. Elizabeth would fight this man. Fight through the paralyzing fear that had locked her knees into stone fortresses.

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  • The man tightened his hold on her arm and pulled Elizabeth closer. He whispered into her ear. Without considering the consequences, Elizabeth spun away from him.

    The Realm Series by Regina Jeffers

    Jerking hard against his hold, she used a counterbalance move Darcy had shown her one evening when they had playfully wrestled before the fireplace in her sitting room. She turned to run, but the Rom caught her skirt to pull her toward him. Elizabeth wound up her small fist and struck the interloper between the eyes, at the bridge of his nose. It had hurt her hand more than she had anticipated, but she had no time to nurse the pain. The gypsy had loosened his grasp as he automatically reached for his nose; therefore, she shoved hard and darted around him. Unfortunately, her attacker recovered quickly.

    He caught her about the waist and jerked Elizabeth hard against him. Her back plastered his chest. The Rom viciously dragged her toward the tree line to the right. Soon he would have her under the cover of the bushes, and her chances of escape would decrease dramatically. She scratched at his hands and dug her nails into his wrist, but the man did not relent.

    As a last effort, she twisted to elbow the Rom in his ribs. With all her strength, she hit him solidly in the side and was rewarded with a brief lessening of his hold on her. Elizabeth reacted immediately.

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    She broke from his grasp to run, but there was no easy retreat. Her assailant remained between her and freedom. The cliff face and the lake remained at her back. It was a long way down, but she would take it if necessary.

    Her hands came up to ward off his next attack while she edged toward the drop off. He would pounce in a heartbeat if she allowed her guard to slacken. To leave me be. His eyes gleamed. A lock of damp hair fell across his forehead. He leaned close. The Roma are never seen to be in the right.

    Even if I leave, your husband will hunt me down. If you quit the area, my husband will not pursue you. The Rom smiled with regret. You have married for love, Milady? Elizabeth nodded her hopes. Darcy will listen to my pleas. Her husband had chosen his pride over his loyalty to her. She and the Rom stared at each other for a long time.

    Darcy may wish to grant your request, but his conceit would never permit him to forget how a Rom had abused his wife. The stain would haunt him. Without further ado, he lunged at her. Automatically, she braced herself for the blow.


    Highlighting Historical Romance: Regina Jeffers

    The impact knocked the air from her lungs as she fell backward into the open arms of sunlight and a sweet mist. The prism of light through the water was never more beautiful, and Elizabeth closed her eyes to forever cherish the image. Elizabeth had never swum in her gown and half boots, but she had swum before; therefore, she held hopes of surviving this encounter once she hit the water.

    As they sank together, she turned from his grasp and kicked hard to surface for air. She broke the water line and gulped in her first breath since the Rom had pounced. However, her efforts were short lived: her enemy had also surfaced. With flailing arms, he reached for her. In a panic, the man fought to survive, but his fight would cost them both dearly if she could not calm him. She treaded water. Her gown floated upward and wrapped about her waist, but she still thought they could reach the shore if she could make him listen to her.

    RIDERS OF THE REALM by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez - OFFICIAL Book Trailer

    She caught him about the neck to pull him through the water; yet, the Rom evidently thought she still fought him. An arm across her throat sent her backward and struggling to stay afloat. The gypsy swallowed a mouthful of water and spit it out in a sputtering twirling motion, which caught Elizabeth in the side of the head.

    The blow stunned her, and she shook her head to clear it. His grasp shoved her downward where the light did not reach and the temperature had cooled. Even in the murky water, she could see his eyes widen with the realization he had breathed his last breath. Yet, even then, he did not release her.

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    • Instead, his fingers twisted into the material of her sleeve, and he tugged her closer. Again, she fought him. Striking his face. His throat. His chest. But he held her tightly. Elizabeth struggled. She had held her breath for longer than she ever remembered doing previously. With one last effort, she brought her knees to her chest and kicked him as hard as she could. She slid further from him, but still the gypsy clung to her gown. Author Bio :. She considers herself a Jane Austen enthusiast.

      She often serves as a consultant in language arts and media literacy. Currently living outside Charlotte, North Carolina, she spends her time with her writing, gardening, and her adorable grandson. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Mystery. Thanks again to Regina Jeffers for generously offering either a paperback or ebook winner's choice of her new book, The Mysterious Death of Mr.

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